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Established 1997

01603 717046

Established 1997

07768 715332

Paving, Patios, Pathways and Driveways

Whether you are looking for a small secluded patio, a winding pathway, a change of level or a more ambitious driveway layout we at Abbey Landscape have years of experience in slab, block and kerb laying, from the small garden path through to large corporate building projects!

Paving Slabs

When creating something special in and around your garden, it should be carefully planned. Abbey Landscape will help you all the way! We will consider features such as barbecues, seating, steps, raised flower beds, circular slabs and lighting.

Rotary paving allows circular features to be created within the overall patio, different colours and/or textures and clever use of materials will ensure your hard surfacing blends perfectly with the surrounding area and buildings. Whether it be for patios, pathways or pond surrounds we can produce the perfect paving for your needs.

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Porcelain Slabs

Porcelain slabs give a ultra modern look to any garden setting, they are formed by baking a mixture of clay, sand and other materials to form a contemporary looking slab which are incredible durable.

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Brickweave Paving

First impressions definitely last, but installing a new driveway offers much more than great looks, it also offers outstanding traffic capabilities too.

Brickweave paving has come a long way in recent years and it comes as no surprise to us that installing a new Driveway is now one of the most popular home improvements people are considering today. A new driveway can greatly improve the appearance of a property and with various colours to choose from you will get a look to complement your home.

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Permeable Paving

Over recent years we have seen the effects of climate change, harsh winters and flash flooding. Resulting in many families losing their homes and possessions. It is estimated that the 2007 summer flooding led to the damage of 55,000 homes and cost approx £3 billion. The increasing use of impermeable materials has contributed to the flooding water pollution. Converting your garden into a functional driveway may not seem to make a difference, but should your neighbours also make this change to their property the combined effect can increase the risk of flooding.

With permeable paving you can protect your environment today, to build a brighter future for tomorrow. with the specially designed spacing of permeable paving allows a controlled flow of water to be channelled away from the surface into the subgrade or drainage system whilst maintaining the integrity of the design.

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Ground Guard

Ground Guard is a linked paving system, manufactured from Polyethylene, which provides a durable safe and eco-friendly surface for grass reinforcement, ground stabilisation and gravel retention for pedestrian and vehicle access areas.

Tested in excess of 200 tonnes per square metre spread load. Put on a permeable base Ground Guard filled with grass, gravel or chippings provides a rainwater run off that is compliant as a SUDS source control.

Ground Guard is suitable for:

  • Additional/overflow grass car parks.
  • Driveways and residential lawn parking.
  • Golf buggy paths.
  • Walkways and disabled access routes.
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Kerbs and Edgings

Kerbs and Edgings can significantly improve the final appearance of a paving project, lending it that 'finished touch". All flexible block or brick pavements, and tarmac, MUST have an edging or a kerb, to prevent the pavement moving or crumbling at the edges.


Existing walls can be utilised as a solid edging, and thereby reduce the number of edging units required. However, with block or brick paving, it is better to continue the edge courses around the entire perimeter of the pavement, to ensure a 'framed' look to the finished project.

Consider the style and age of your property and try to select a colour and finish which best compliments your home and surroundings.

With all our hard surfacing we believe preparation is key to a good looking, long lasting finish. We supply and deliver sand and shingle to make sure the job is completed to a high standard.

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